A downloadable game for Windows

A twin-stick style shooter that begins with a simple foe, and quickly escalates into a continually evolving boss fight.


WASD - Move

Mouse - Aim and Fire


Art - August

Sound - Dave Allen

Code - Matt Hayter, Karle Kane


Nemesis.zip 23 MB


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Game was realy good, i loved Camera,zoom mode was great. 


Great little retro arcade game, not without it's bugs but for 2 days shows great promise in terms of playability and general fun.  I particularly like the simplicity of the progression by simply zooming out it increases all aspects of the difficulty (speed, accuracy, and timing) at the same time.


Love the look and feel of the game, loved the crab boss phase and the shooter dude! Graphics and music are cool. Keeps you hooked, would highly recommend!